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Info on business is provided by a number of Indian and International Business dailies and magazines. They are organised here in that sequence.

Indian Business

International Business


Indian Business Dailies

Business Standard:

One of the best in this segment, and widely read by people in business. Constant updation of market news

Business Line:

A late entrant, but "All flesh - No fat" reporting. Authentic.

Economic Times:

One of the oldest in this segment. Now catching up with competetion in content. Voting on topics of interest makes this a 'Must Visit' site.

Capital Market:

Incisive, Analytical and amongst the best tool for investors in Capital market. Also updates the market report daily.

Probity Research:

Good Site for information and research on Indian companies. Daily round up is crisp. The best thing about this site is, it is free.


International Business:

Financial Times:

The Best. My favourite. Requires registration (Free). Has facility to search.

BBC's World Business Report

BBC's Business Desk online


 CNN Financial News online. Get the latest business news( Focused on the U S market).

Fortune International:

My favourite business magazine focused on investments.

The Economist:

One of the most conservative, intellectually stimulating magazines.

Business Week:

My other favourite Business Magazine. You can register and get highlights of the forthcoming issue by E Mail. Now this site open to subscribers users only. However You can have free limited access through Netscape Inboxdirect.



Commodity news and views

Excellant compilation of links to various commodity reports

Weekly commodity report

From Business Times, Singapore/

Commodity reports

FWN Agricultural headlines

Cotton comment

One of the best commentries in cotton. From Swiss financial. This report is updated several times daily.

Chemical Week

The best magazine for chemicals related information.You can read the Executive edition if you have registered as a user. Registration is free.You may also read the editorial in Viewpoint which gives valuble insight.

Bloomberg Reports

For online commodity quotes from Bloomberg.


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