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National Stock Exchange and Mumbai Stock Exchange have their presence in the Net and also update the quotes constantly. Visit them to get the online quotes.


National Stock Exchange

Ushered in the era of Screen based trading in India even though OTC is the Pioneer. Has the largest number of trading terminals. Investors owe it to this exchange for the transparency, predictability of settlements, Trade Guarantee fund and low transaction costs. Now the website has lot of new features including, FAQ, Live quotes, Custom Ticker, and more than anything, a personal portfolio manager where you can enter your portfolio and it gives you the gain or loss at the last traded rate. There is also a hilo alert which can be set up to give you alert when a share touches a particular price. In addition there is an archived chart module where you can get the price chart of any share that you may require.


Mumbai Stock Exchange

The oldest Stock Exchange in India which lost out to NSE in volumes. After the expansion of BOLT(Bombay Online Trading) to other centers, it is catching up. Reintroduction of Badla or Carry forward trading is improving volumes and liquidity in the exchange and the spreads have come down. Availability of Odd lot trading facility in this Exchange is a boon to the small investor.

London Metal Exchange

Visit this premier Exchange for the closing price of Base metals.


Indian Metals :

Comprehensive info about all metals in India


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