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Many of my friends have been asking me about this page and about Internet Emails etc as also ways of speeding up search etc. This section is meant to be the utilities section which will make things easier and exciting in the Net.

Internet E Mails
E Mail Forwarders
Free Home Pages
Home Page Building Help
Utilities For Home Page Building
Search Engines
Other Utilities
Chat Rooms

Internet E Mails:
The first thing you would like to get in the net is email and here is where you get your additional email address free.Though there are a number of free emails I have chosen the following based on their popularity and ease of use.
The first choice among the free Internet emails, now offering premium service like POP facility (at $18 per annum) which means you need no longer have to login through the browser. You can have the comfort of using your favorite E Mail client and pickup your mail. Many more attractive features like your own directory, filters which are similar to Inbox assistant of Outlook Express  and a mail block facility which will send junk mail to the trash can even without your knowledge.

This is now a very popular E Mail which gives address and offers POP facilityas well as web based  E Mail. Better than even Hotmail, in terms of speed, particularly in POP mode.Best of all this is free while Hotmail costs money.

Yahoo Mail:
 You get the prestigious address and it is free.


Mail Forwarding services:
Many of us have long email address like which is difficult to remember and prone to typos.It would look better if it is short. Besides you caan change the Email provider and still need not change the address if you register with the forwarding services.

Pobox :
One of the best and provides more than one alias and supports more than one forwarding address.Has mail bomb protection. Charges $15 per annum for the services. You get a address once you subscribe.
Altavista Mail
This is a popular E Mail forwarder apart from being a web based E Mail provider. It is free for the classical names like etc.You can also opt for subscription service and take professional aliases like, etc.



Free Home Pages:
You have surfed the net and got excited. Now you feel as to why you can not have your own page.You can build your home pages free and now you are offered upto 5MB space which means you can put up all your photos etc. You can try out whatever you have learnt in HTML or java.Alternatively all these pages offer templates wherein you just fill up the blanks and your page is ready to be seen by anyone.
Space for this page of mine is provided by Tripod and initially they offered 2MB disk space and now have increased it to 11 MB. Very good interface and faster loading of pages. Home page builder is a good help for novices.Premium services subscribers get chat rooms, email etc.
One of the most popular free home page hosts. Divided into communities based on interests. Offer Email as a standard facility. Possibly due to the large subscriber base it is comparatively slow.
This offers is fast and standard home page builder provides a good choice. Only problem that i found is there is a security lapse and some times someone's page is there in your URL. Could be a problem if the other page which resides in your URL is obscene.
Net taxi:
This is good and offers 5 MB and also lots of other facilities like free POP Email address and home page builder. FTP is also now offered.
This is also a good free home page provider. Standard features include 11 MB space, E Mail and plenty of offers from various vendors of software and hardware.


Home Page Building Help
Now that you have used the home page builders offered by all the above sites and you want to build your custom page. You get help from all the following.
Net tips for Designers:
Here is where you get your tips which are very useful in your designing the page.

Animated Banner Maker:
If you would like to make a banner for your page which is animated here is where you get it.
You need icons for your page and here is where you get them.
The page will look good if it has some animated GIFs. Here is where you get them.


Utilities For Home Page Building:
Now that your page is ready, you would like to test it out for its efficiency. Here is where you do that.
Website Garage:
As the name indicates it is a garage for the websites and a good on at that. It suggets ways to improve the site under five catagories free.
Graphics Optimizer:
This site reduces the size of your JPEG and GIFF files for faster loading of the images.


Search Engines:
While on the net, do not browse. SEARCH. I have given here some unusual search engines.

Ask Jeeves
This is a parellal search engine where you can ask plain English questions like "where can i find information on diabeties". It returns the results from search engines in a single page in pull down menu, which makes it really easy to navigate. There is also a spelling correction option which corrects your misspellings before search. To protect Kids from the seamier side of the net there is a kids option called Ask Jeeves for Kids, which returns only sites suitable for kids.

Savvy Search:
This is similar to Ask Jeeves. Very good and comprehensive. this returns more accurate results and searching as a phrase is possible by default whereas it is not possibel in Ask Jeeves. Also it is now fast.

This uses multiple search engines and present the results in a single form. So your chances of missing out info due to a particular site not indexed in a particular search engine is remote.

This is an India related search engine.
This too is India related.


Other Utilities

Greetings in English:
Want to send greetings in English through E Mail free.Very good collection of greetings for all occasions.
Greetings in Tamil:
Tamil E mail greetings for Traditional occasions.



India Chat:
Want to chat with people of Indian origin and about anything Indian.
Bollywood Chat:
Bollywood Chat Room 2
Two more chat rooms dedicated to India, Indian Films and anything Indian. If the firrst room is full, which it usually is, visit the second room.



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